About us


The founding of our company is rooted in a distant past. Ours is a “Once upon a time …” story that starts in the workshop of a small village in the hills of Lucca, Sant’Andrea di Compito, in 1950. This quintessentially “Italian” story allowed Noba to carve out a name for itself in the global marketplace, where today it represents a reference point for many brands.

Since NOBA’s early years we’ve upheld the conviction that the company must establish an international presence. But expanding our boundaries, and building longstanding relationships with companies in Europe,

hasn’t just been a long-term strategy aimed at opening up new markets. It’s also been about acquiring new skills and maintaining a professional culture that is current and relevant.Over the years we’ve received constant confirmation of what has been, and always will be, important to us: bringing together the expertise of the Tuscan textile tradition, investment in quality, research and design, with an international thrust – proud to be Italian but with ideas that resonate globally. Indeed, our origins and history play a crucial role in what we produce on a daily basis and especially influence our future direction.


In terms of technology and skills NOBA is structured so as to guarantee that our clients are able to follow and participate in every stage of production.


With high quality collections that are always current and rigorously “Made in Italy”, NOBA has kept its Italian roots while developing an international identity.

All of our technology, each stage of production and every resulting NOBA product strictly conforms to the highest ecological and ethical standards. We take the utmost care to do our job with professionalism and passion.

Since the beginning we’ve worked to maintain dynamic relations between staff and clients, allowing for continuous cooperation and exchange of ideas. Whether it’s for research, design or logistics, NOBA is capable of offering a range of approaches and solutions. In addition to our regular production lines, we are able to handle large orders that involve knitwear or less common materials such as furs.